“Those baptized before they are old enough to take the vows for themselves
make their personal profession of faith in the service called confirmation.
Those who are able to take the vows for themselves at their baptism” (UMH, p. 32)
make their public profession of faith at the font.
Those who have been previously baptized, but have never become full members of the church, may be confirmed and received into full membership. Those who have not yet been baptized may be baptized and received on profession of faith. During preparation for confirmation, it is recommended that the confirmand embark upon serious study of the doctrines of The United Methodist Church and the nature and mission of the Church, which leads to growth in knowledge, grace, and service of our Lord Jesus Christ. Confirmation classes are led by the pastor with the assistance of the director of Christian education.
Last Published: September 4, 2014 4:34 PM
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